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Mercy Ships Canada invites conversations on health and international development. Health and well-being are essential to poverty eradication efforts and sustainable development, community and individual growth. By putting world problems first, together we can change the narrative around the current global surgery crisis.

Addressing justice, human rights, community engagement, medical capacity building, and access to healthcare are just a few of the topics important to making a lasting impact. Ideas and learnings shared today become the foundations for future actions and deeper engagement in collective problem solving.

Mercy Ships Canada welcomes invitations from individuals or groups. Virtual and physical events such as community service clubs, academic conferences, seminars, and classroom discussions provide opportunities for mutual learning and in-depth dialogue.

Previous and upcoming public engagement highlights include:

  • ‘Volunteering on a Hospital Ship’ – Newmarket Public Library (March 18, 2021)
  • Health and Human Rights Conference NGO Fair – – University of Toronto (March 12-13, 2021)
  • Kamloops PROBUS Club (February 2021)
  • Rotary Club of Cambridge, Preston-Hespeler (December 2020)
  • International Development Students – Humber College (December 2020)
  • Nursing Conference on Unusual Environments – University of Laval (November 2020)
  • Panel Guest for ‘The Role of NGOs in Global Development’ – University of Victoria (November 2020)
  • The Company of Master Mariners of Canada, Great Lakes Division (May 2020)

Other recent global engagements highlights:

We have skilled staff and volunteers available who will tailor their presentation to your group’s needs. We offer speaker and outreach services to non-profits, businesses, and gatherings of all sizes – from groups of 10 to events and conferences with over 100 + attendees. Also, we can provide keynote presentations and talks on themes of volunteerism, corporate social responsibility, leadership and our medical work.

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Here are some of our amazing volunteer alumni who have been involved in previous Public Engagement initiatives.


Douglas Burns

  • Location: Calgary, AB
  • Professional Designation: Doctor of Optometry
  • Countries I have served in: Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Dominican Republic, Liberia, Benin, Togo, Sierra Leone, Guinea,  Congo Brazzaville, Cameroon on the Caribbean Mercy, Anastasis and the Africa Mercy.
  • Role on the ship: Ophthalmic Provider-screening for eye surgery patients and assessing eye patients pre and post operatively.
  • Number of times I have served on the ship: 13
  • What I am doing now: Private Practice.

Erin Muyres

  • Location: Edmonton, AlB (but currently in Montreal, Quebec for school)
  • Professional designation: Registered Nurse
  • Countries I have served in: Madagascar x2 and Benin
  • Role on the ship: Pediatric Ward Nurse
  • How long I have served on the ship: Two full field services
  • What I am doing now: I was inspired during my time on the ship and I am now in my first year of a Master of Science in Public Health at McGill University with the goal of continuing to work in Global Health when I am finished.


Chris Hoel

  • Location: Victoria, BC
  • Professional Designation: Intensive Care Unit- Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria BC
  • Countries I have served in: Cameroon
  • Role on the ship:  Ward Nurse- maxilla facial
  • How long I have served on the ship: Two Months
  • What I am doing now: Continuing in my role at the Royal Jubilee – now twenty nine years in the profession.
    I was very happy to take my knowledge and compassion to Cameroon and be a part of this great surgical ship.

Dave Albrecht

  • Location: Kelowna, BC
  • Professional Designation: Registered Nurse
  • Countries I have served in: Senegal (93-94), Sierra Leone (2004, 2011), Ghana (2006), Togo (2012), Guinea (2013), Congo (2014), Madagascar (2015, 2016), Benin (2016), Cameroon (2018).
  • Role on the ship: Worked as a Ward Nurse on the Anastasis and the Africa Mercy 
  • How long I have served on the ship:  Serving since 1993
  • What I am doing now: Currently work as a Registered Nurse on a Thoracic Surgery unit at Kelowna General Hospital.


Sherif Emil

  • Location: Montreal, Quebec
  • Professional Designation: Pediatric Surgeon
  • Countries I have served in: Madagascar, Benin, Cameroon, Guinea
  • Role on the ship: Pediatric Surgeon
  • How long I have served on the ship: 4 times. 2-3 weeks each
  • What I am doing now: I am a Pediatric Surgeon: Director of the Division of Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery at the Montreal Children’s Hospital; Associate Chair for Education and Departmental Citizenship in the Department of Pediatric Surgery, and Professor of Pediatric Surgery, Surgery, and Pediatrics at McGill University, Montreal. I also co-directs Canada’s first multidisciplinary Chest Wall Anomalies Clinic at the Shriners Hospital for Children.

Sherif Emil Bio


Joan Ross

  • Location: Sarnia, ON
  • Professional Designation: Surgeon
  • Countries I have served in: Congo Brassaville
  • Role on the ship: General Surgeon
  • How long I have served on the ship: Two weeks
  • What I am doing now: Continuing to practice General Surgery in Sarnia, and involved in Speaker’s Network for Mercy Ships.

Ray Scheepstra

  • Location: Toronto, Ontario
  • Professional Designation: Electrician
  • Countries I have served in:  Cameroon, Guinea
  • Role on the ship: Maintenance of all things electrical on board
  • How long I have served on the ship: 11 weeks in total
  • What I am doing now: Employed by Automated Logic in Mississauga Ontario.

Nancy O’Neil Eichenberg

  • Location: Oakville, Ontario
  • Professional Designation: Registered Nurse (recently retired)
  • Countries I have served in: Sierra Leone-2011; Guinea-2012; Congo-2013; Madagascar -2014; Madegascar-2015; Cameroon-2017
  • Role on the ship: OR Nurse
  • How long I have served on the ship: I have served 3-4 weeks in each country
  • What I am doing now: I volunteer with a Reading Program for children in junior and senior  kindergarten. The 2 women’s groups I belong to do Charitable work. I try to keep fit by walking, swimming and dragon boating. Best of all I am enjoying my family and grandchildren.


Anne Luross

  • Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Professional Designation: RN 30 years in OR
  • Countries I have served in:  Madagascar x2 and Benin.
  • Role on the ship: OR Nurse
  • How long I have served on the ship: Served 3 weeks each time. 2015, 2016, 2017
  • What I am doing now: Working part time in Pre-Assessment – preparing/teaching people for surgery. Casual in OR.

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